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Shandong Linaer Group was established in 1997, and its predecessor was the original Zibo garment factory established in 1956. With a sixty-year history of development, the group is located in the Economic Development Zone of Boshan District in Zibo City, where the environment is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. The Group covers an area of 39838m2, of which the construction area is 28852m2, with more than 600 employees. The Group has three subordinating companies: Zibo City Boshan Yanguang economic and trade Co., Ltd., Zibo Huamian Garment Co., Ltd., and Shandong Zibo Minkang Pharmaceutical Packing Co., Ltd..

Zibo Huamian Garment Co., Ltd. (formerly a Sino-Japanese joint venture, then purchased by the Chinese company) has introduced a full set of advanced special sewing equipment from Japan and Germany, and mainly specialized in self-support trade and processing trade. It has been awarded the honor of Gold Medal Enterprise by the UNIQLO for three times and was successfully listed on the new three-board in May 2016.

Established in November 2004, Shandong Zibo Minkang Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the world's six manufacturers of prefilled syringes. The company attaches importance to independent innovation, original innovation, integrated innovation, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, and has obtained a number of national invention patents and utility model patent certificates. The company also introduced Germany's most advanced production lines, with the scale of production of 60 million pre-filling syringes. It is an enterprise technology center, an engineering technology research center and a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province, occupying an important position among the international and domestic industries.

Zibo City Boshan Yanguang Trade Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned holding company of Huamian Garment, and it adheres to diversified business strategies and participates in the research & development, production and sales of machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, and water pump products. 

Chairman Gao Yanmin adheres to the theory of China 's outstanding traditional culture combined with the modern science and technology, and takes the concept of "character determines the products, products reflect the character," "only extraordinary efforts deserve the amazing harvest," never easily turned by a small achievement, never frustrated by the failure" as the principle of life and management of the company, leading the company to go through the ups and downs of the market tide and undergo a difficult and glorious course in the past 60 years. 

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Established in November 2004, Shandong Zibo Minkang Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the world\'s six manufacturers of prefilled syringes. ..

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